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When it comes to caring for your property, there are a myriad of things you need to consider. From its security to its maintenance, there’s a lot of work that needs to go into it, and decisions to make on how best to do that.

And when it comes to keeping the exterior of your property clean, you need to consider what the best method is, because it’s not just the appearance of your property that will be affected by your decision.

Choosing the right cleaning method for you and your property can save you time, money, and provide a host of other benefits, and soft washing is one of the best cleaning methods that can be used.

Complete Cleaning and Maintenance LTD are experts at all aspects of exterior cleaning, including soft washing. Thanks to our tools, skills and experience, we can clean your property in no time at all.

So if you’re interested in enjoying all the perks that our soft washing service in Surrey can bring to your property, why not get in touch and find out more?

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    What is soft washing in Surrey?

    Soft washing is a cleaning method that’s often used to remove organic stains such as mildew, algae, and other stains from outdoor surfaces. Through the use of biocides or sodium hypochlorite, surfactants and water, this low pressure washing technique provides a safe way to remove these stains.
    Soft washing can be used on a large variety of exterior surfaces and materials, such as: ​

    • A range of different types of roofs
    • Fences
    • Decking
    • Concrete
    • Brick
    • Several types of metals

    Is soft washing in Surrey safe?

    If utilised correctly, yes, soft washing is safe. While high pressure cleaning methods have their uses, soft washing provides can be said to be a better cleaning method in several ways, such as:

    • High pressure methods can cause damage to property or injury to the handler if used incorrectly. On the other hand, soft washing uses low pressure, greatly reducing this risk
    • Any damage to your property through the use of higher pressure washing could result in your warranties being voided. Thanks to the lower risk of damage, soft washing helps protect your warranties
    • Soft washing requires much less water than high pressure washing
    • Soft washing also provides a much more substantial cleaning, whereas pressure washing often simply clears off the top, visible layer of organic stainingPlus, the chemicals used in soft washing are generally considered to be very mild, meaning that as long as the solutions are treated properly and only used outdoors or in well ventilated areas, risk of chemical injury to a person is very low. So all in all, soft washing can definitely be considered as safe.
    Complete Cleaning & Maintenance | Surrey | Cleaning Services | Soft washing | Soft Washing | Gutter Cleaning
    Complete Cleaning & Maintenance | Surrey | Cleaning Services | Soft washing

    Why should I soft wash?

    Soft washing in Surrey can provide a number of great benefits to your and your property. While other washing methods will also provide some benefits, soft washing can:

    • Repair discoloured and stained exteriors, improving the appearance of your property
    • Prevent algae and other organic growths from causing any damage, protecting your property and preventing any costs for repairs
    • Provide additional financial benefits, since better looking properties are more likely to sell for more
    • Clean the roof, windows, walls and other aspects of your property without risk of damaging them


    How often will I need to soft wash?

    Generally, a soft wash will prevent any tarnishing for at least a year, which is roughly 4 times longer than a pressure wash.

    Is Soft Washing eco-friendly?

    Thanks to the fact that less water is used and soft washing is required less often, soft washing can be considered to be more environmentally friendly than power washing. Plus, eco-friendly chemicals are available for use.

    Experts at cleaning and protecting your property

    When you take steps to clean your property, you’re inevitably getting a number of bonus benefits thrown in too. However, just how much you reap these benefits will depend massively on the level of service you receive.
    Complete Cleaning and Maintenance LTD are experts at soft washing, as well as all other kinds of washing. Through our easy and fast service, we make sure that you enjoy all of the benefits that soft washing can provide, and we can do this thanks to our:

    • Wide range of services – from soft washing to carpet cleaning, we can help you keep all aspects of your property clean, meaning they look great and will enjoy a longer lifespan.
    • Experienced – with over 20 years of cleaning experience under our belts, we’ve helped all manner of property owners with their cleaning needs
    • Exceptional customer service – we strive to meet all of your cleaning needs, and one of the ways we do that is by ensuring that you’re 100% satisfied with our service.If you’re in need of help with any aspect of cleaning your property and want a fast service that you can rely on to carry out the work to a superb quality, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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