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If someone mentions cleaning a property, chances are that your mind will jump to the tasks of hoovering, dusting or mopping – in other words, internal cleaning.But cleaning the exterior of your building is just as important, but all too often overlooked. From making the building look better to financial and health benefits, there are many reasons why you should consider an external building cleaning of your property. Complete Cleaning and Maintenance LTD are experts at all aspects of external building cleaning. To find out more on how we can do this for your property, get in touch with us today.

    Complete Cleaning & Maintenance | Surrey | Cleaning Services | External Building Cleaning

    What’s involved in an External Building Cleaning?

    Unsurprisingly, cleaning the exterior of a building can be a big job, with a bigger building providing a larger project. And to make the job even more difficult, there are several aspects of an external building clean.
    Despite what many may think, it’s not a case of just hosing down or scrubbing the building. Each building will have different cleaning needs, and different methods that need to be employed to meet each of those needs.

    Some of the aspects of an external building cleaning could include:

    • High pressure washing
    • Soft washing
    • Window cleaning
    • Brick cleaning
    • Roof cleaning
    • Cladding and fascia cleaning
    • Graffiti removal

    How does an External Building Cleaning work?

    Your first step is to find a reliable business who can clean your building properly. Unlike plumbers and electricians, external building cleaners aren’t required to undergo any professional training or have any qualifications in order to ply their trade.

    To ensure that the cleaners you’re hiring are legitimate and equipped to do the job, check their customer history. If they have a long list of happy customers, they’re likely to provide a good service.

    Once you’ve found your cleaners, they’ll check the work site and assess any environmental or weather hazards before submitting a work plan.

    What’s included in the plan will depend on what type of cleaning your building needs. To find out what the exact process would be for your building, it’s best to get in touch with a reputable cleaner and discuss your needs with them.

    Complete Cleaning & Maintenance | Surrey | Cleaning Services | External Building Cleaning
    Complete Cleaning & Maintenance | Surrey | Cleaning Services | External Building Cleaning

    Why should I get an External Building Cleaning?

    While external cleaning may seem to many people like a cost that has very little returns, it actually provides a number of great benefits, including financial perks. These include:

    • Reduced chance of property damage – as harmless as they can seem, organic growths such as mould or algae can actually affect the roof and other parts of your property, allowing water to creep in, resulting in property damage
    • Better property appearance – unsurprisingly, by removing stains and other blemishes from your property, it’s inevitably going to look better.
    • Increased property value – properties that are kept clean and in good condition are more likely to be seen as desirable by potential buyers, making them easier to sell and potentially for a better price
    • Lower risk of health issues – if not cleaned, the exterior of your building can experience the build up of potentially harmful substances. Cleaning reduces the risk of these substances leading to breathing or allergy problems.


    How much does an exterior house cleaning cost UK?

    The cost of cleaning the exterior of your building will depend on several factors, such as how big your building is, and what type of cleaning you actually need for it. However, to completely clean the exterior of your building, you can expect to pay at least £175, but likely more.

    What type of surfaces can be cleaned by a pressure washer?

    A pressure washer is often used to clean parts of a building’s exterior, but it can’t be used for everything. Some of the places where it’s likely to be used are on decking, patios, driveways, concrete and brick.

    Complete external building cleaning

    Getting the exterior of your building completely clean is sometimes easier said than done. There are several methods of doing it, and several aspects of the exterior that need to be treated differently.

    At Complete Cleaning and Maintenance LTD, we know exactly how to give the exterior of your building a clean that will leave it looking like a new building, and we can do this thanks to our: ​

    • Experience – with over two decades of experience in external cleaning, we know exactly how to tackle any problem we face
    • Range of services – thanks to our wide range of services, we’re able to clean any part of your building’s exterior with a variety of methods
    • Customer service – we find out exactly what you need cleaned, before carrying it out to your satisfaction while addressing any questions you may have throughout.

      So if your building is in need of a professional external clean, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.


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