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Are you looking for a moss removal company in Surrey or Hampshire? Complete Cleaning and Maintenance are one of the leading roof cleaning specialists, we are extremely reliable and provide extraordinary services. We guarantee to provide you with the greatest standards within the industry, each job is treated with the same attention to detail, that you deserve, and with extreme precision. We supply bespoke roof cleaning solutions for those based in Woking and Guilford, Surrey. We also strive to provide our services for clients based in Hampshire as well as across all surrounding areas.

We work with you throughout the whole process, from the first initial contact to the completion of the project. Due to the typical British weather, we understand that algae and moss growth can become incredibly unsightly, this is due to heavy build-up due to shaded areas and dampness. If algae and moss start to build up, in time, if left untreated, can become harmful to your roof, including causing movement and cracking to the tiles.

Not only does the dampness of moss and algae on the roof become an undesirable dampness issue but also the weight of this on the roof can end up causing damage to the tiles. Not only does moss and algae cause extreme damage to the roof if left to sit over time, but it will also block your gutters which can cause issues with your drainage system. This will cause even more damage to your roof; gutter cleaning services is another service we provide on top of roof cleaning at competitive prices.

Not only can lacking roof cleaning become detrimental to your property, but it also causes an unsightly eyesore. We provide roof cleaning services that will instantly transform your property, we provide a service that manually removes all the moss and algae from your roof which will prolong the durability of your roof.

So, if you're looking for a bespoke roof cleaning solutions in the areas of Woking and Guilford, Surrey, as well as Hampshire and all surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can be at your service today.

How we work

Complete Cleaning & Maintenance use a scaffold tower to get up to roof level and use specialist roof tile scrapers to remove 95% of the moss. We have different scraper blades for every common type of profiled roof tile so we can easily handle more than just flat roof tiles. Cleaning your roof gives your home an instant uplift and can add value which can be especially useful if you want to sell the property. You can rely on Complete Cleaning & Maintenance for a full clean, including gutter clearance and window cleaning service to leave your home in great condition all in the price.

Here you can see the scaffold tower we use for roof cleaning and anti-moss treatments. It is very safe, both for our workers and your roof! After scraping off the moss we treat the roof with AlgoClear a biocide that is long-acting. it kills and removes any organic growth that is present. But not only that, it will remain present on the surface, preventing algae or moss from developing again for years to come and slowly cleaning the tiles so that after a month it will look brighter and cleaner. After 6 months the treatment will still be working and the tiles will be cleaner and brighter than they even were after 3 months.

If you are looking at selling your property, or even getting your house valued it is important you get your roof professionally cleaned, this will increase your property value. Ensuring that you have a clean roof shows a completely different appeal to your property and although it is a service that has a great cosmetic appeal it also is a service that protects your roof and your belongings.

We provide a roof cleaning service that can save you money in the long run, having regular roof cleans means that your roof is protected from any unnecessary costly damages. We understand just how stressful and expensive a leaky roof can be, this is why we’re here to help.

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    Why Choose us?

    We use a delicate soft-washing process when we clean your roof, this is the most effective method because even with the most delicate roofing structures meaning no damage will not occur. Using a delicate process means that we can remove all algae and moss completely from the tiles. Ensuring that we remove all of the moss and algae will result in your roof looking as good as new. Our team of experts will start from the top and work our way downwards, this way we will guarantee there is not any unwanted water getting into your loft area.

    Larger problems can occur if you let moss, dirt and algae build up on your roof, not only just the aesthetic of your property. For many clients, the unsightly aesthetic is the main reason for our roof cleaning services, although the value of your property can be incredibly affected if you do not have your roof cleaned regularly and the chances of damage will increase.

    Our roof cleaning service can help prevent roof decay which if not prevented can leave your property and your belongings at risk of becoming weather damaged. Prolonging the life of your roof is essential to avoid unnecessary expenditure with replacing or repairing your roof. If you are looking for an instant refresh for your property having a roof cleaning service that we can provide you with does just that. It keeps your roof operative and provides you with the protection you deserve.

    Having your property restored to ‘good as new’ standard will enhance the appearance of your roof, our team of experts use professional cleaning equipment and are highly qualified to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.

    Our team will manually remove all the moss and algae using specialist equipment whilst also ensuring to do the job spotlessly to avoid any unnecessary disruption. We understand how important it is for you to have a property that really shows off your style. It is important that your property keeps the attractive appeal that you have paid for. Buying a property is an investment, and probably one of the biggest investments you will ever buy, so it is crucial you do not devalue your property in any undesirable ways.

    Professional & Affordable

    We offer a soft washing roof cleaning service that will remove all dirt, algae and moss leaving your roof gleaming. Our experts will ensure to cover your downpipes so that we can prevent any blockages, this way any further issues will not arise. Our team will then determine the best way to complete the roof clean, once the work is completed, we can provide an entire gutter cleaning service. Whilst providing you with a service using products that are eco-friendly and safe.

    Unlike many other roof cleaning companies, we specialise in using a soft-washing process to ensure that we clean your roof for you safely and delicately, but ensuring all debris is removed. We will provide you with a service that will leave you without any risks of damage. Providing a soft-washing process means that we are able to be delicate in areas that may already show signs of decay, so no extensive damage is caused and to ensure water does not seep into your property. We provide nothing but the best results for our clients and our clients wants and needs come first. Our roof cleaning services will honestly leave you amazed.