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Complete Cleaning and Maintenance are one of the leading roof cleaning specialists, we are extremely reliable and provide extraordinary services. We guarantee to provide you with the greatest standards within the industry, each job is treated with the same attention to detail, that you deserve, and with extreme precision. We supply bespoke gutter cleaning solutions for those based in Woking and Guilford, Surrey. We also strive to provide our services for clients based in Hampshire as well as across all surrounding areas.

Complete Cleaning & Maintenance know the importance of keeping your gutters clean and clear. Our team of highly skilled technicians professionally remove all the dirt and debris from your gutters to avoid any blockages that can cause water damage to your walls. We’ll use the latest gutter vacuum machinery so that we don’t have to balance on high-level ladders, and eco-friendly external cleaning products to ensure a comprehensive clean.

The telescopic pole with attached camera makes it simple for the technicians to navigate your gutters and take before and after video of your gutter We’re proud of our care for the environment too, so we’ll make sure that any waste is disposed of responsibly. The technicians we work with are trained to tackle all types of guttering, from moulded plastic to cast iron.

The team of experienced individuals will collect and remove leaves, moss and grass as well as brick and tile debris. They will also be quick and efficient, working with confidence and ease. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to assist you at home or in the workplace, and all you need to do is to supply us with access to electricity and water.

So, if you're looking for a bespoke gutter cleaning solutions in the areas of Woking and Guilford, Surrey, as well as Hampshire and all surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can be at your service today.

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